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5pin mini XLR to stereo 3.5mm


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I've been looking for an inexpensive/convenient/short way to convert a 5pin, mini xlr to a 3.5mm stereo connector.

This what I'm looking for, but the cable is $35... which isn't super awful, but I was hoping to find something less expensive.

Anyone know where I might be able to find something like this?


Retired Admin
Have you checked Monoprice? I've had a lot of success finding difficult-to-find cables there and I've rarely seen them cheaper anywhere else.


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I checked monoprice, amazon, ebay, and did a general google search. The only place I found it was on bhphoto. Not exactly an everyday item...


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That is not common. I have made cables like this and the connectors are easy to find. You should but the one you found.


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That is not common. I have made cables like this and the connectors are easy to find. You should but the one you found.
I found parts ALL over the place... but right now, this post is taking up my disposable time (i.e., tax season).


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They're just like a regular XLR, only smaller. :mocking:

Seriously, they're used in quite a few things (like photo) where a full sized XLR wouldn't work.
this one is for a portable headphone amp my sister bought. She missed the connection issue.


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yeah, that's the one... but it was the connection to a source was the issue. I needed something to connect the mini-xlr to a normal mini 3.5mm stereo jack.

Deleted member 133

I'm looking at this thread, and its posts / links, and I'm a bit confused. For no really good reason at all, can you clarify what you are trying to connect to what and why?

Here's what I think - and correct me if I'm wrong.

You have a source whose output is taken from a female 1/8" stereo headphone receptacle.

You want to connect that source to the input of the HP2 headphone amplifier. Its input is a male 5-pin mini-XLR receptacle.

Now that HP2 comes with a cable that allows you to connect two (2) stereo inputs to that single mini-XLR input. That cable has a female 5-pin mini-XLR connector at one end (which connects to the HP2's input) and two (2) regular size female 3-pin XLR plugs at the other end.

It seems to me that you therefore have multiple connection / connector choices besides the $35 cable shown in the OP.

Here's one way to tackle it.

You could use the provided cable and Rube Goldberg the following:

1. attach this http://www.parts-express.com/parts-express-xlr-male-to-1-4-stereo-female-adapter--240-436 to this

2. http://www.parts-express.com/1-4-stereo-m-to-35mm-stereo-f-adapter--091-1025 to this

3. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/kanex-6-audio-cable-purple/5586847.p?skuId=5586847 (which you might already own).

One end attaches to your source and the other to the HP2's included two-headed cable. Voila!

Total cost $11.57 (n/incl shipping if you buy online.)

Or you could buy the $35 cable in the OP - assuming that its pin configuration properly converts the single stereo 3-pin to the dual stereo 5-pin of the HP2.



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Without looking at the links, you're basically correct. My sister was looking for a headphone amp and one i suggested was by PreSonus... you didn't pick the one I referenced and chose this one not realizing the connection issue. I'm not sure what she ultimately ended up doing, but she did find some solution to her connection problem.


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These type of devices from presonus and behringer are IEM devices for mixers with balanced line outputs. Sending two balanced line outputs to the battery powered headphone amps. They work well for the long runs of 20 to 60 ft around the stage. Behringer also now offers a one balanced line mono version that can also do TRS stereo from the 1/4 inch. My review is that the volume is not much help compared to the HA4700 and the level it will drive my headphones. A few years back at the Bat GTG we had the headphone amp comparing headphones. The P2