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65 inch panasonic tv


Well-Known Member
Anyone has any experience with Panasonics? I'm thinking of pulling the gun on a 65 inch plasma Tv this Monday from BB since they have anS2 model for $2000 zero interest for three years.

My 50 inch plasma, and 2 42 inch Samsung LCDs are three years old.

Thanks in advance.
FWIW, that set is available everywhere for $2K.

Here is a CNET review...

The good: Relatively inexpensive; decent black-level performance; solid grayscale accuracy; fingerprint-resistant finish; energy-efficient for a plasma.

The bad: Inaccurate primary colors and gamma; subpar bright-room quality; last year's Panasonic plasmas lost black-level performance over relatively short periods of time; sparse picture controls; uses significantly more power than LCDs.

http://reviews.cnet.com/flat-panel-tvs/ ... entBody;1r
I ma more than impressed with the PQ of Samsung plasmas, just outstanding and about the same cost of the Panny.