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Acoustics 101


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Home Theater Magazine Acoustics 101

Finally, a consumer home theater publication that addresses the need for acoustic treatments in a listening area.

Those speakers look great. MTM and 3 woofers for the low end. The center channel is nifty too. Nice treatments, but they really draw your attention away from the room.
I would really like to hear how a room with that much room treatment would sound, thanks for the link and pic.
I'm curious what the diffusers are made of. They appear to be wooden. If they are wooden, or really any solid material, they're only effective to a few hundred hertz judging by their apparent size. Also, the carpet in the room is going to treat the same frequency range as the diffusors and leave the bass alone. Finally, the diffusors at the reflection point are questionable to me because the sound will still reflect from there, most of it will not go toward the listener though. All in all, the room has the potential to sound boomy.

I do like the fact that it's at least being mentioned, though.

It looks to me that there are absorbers (smooth tan panels) at the specific left & right speaker reflection points and diffusors between and everywhere else. The diffusors appear to be designed to operate in the 500hz to 7kHz range, which is the most critical range for any such device. Sure, we'd all love a diffusor operating down to 100Hz, but that would HUGE!
If so inclined, click the link (above the pic-red), which gives detailed info about the treatments/specs.

Regardless of the treatments and incorporation, I find it refreshing that an audio publication is finally addressing the acoustic issues, and the importance played in audio.


P.S., I think the placement of the center channel (in a box) sucks swamp water.
Oops!! I was so drawn to the wooden diffusors I missed the absorbers.

One thing I will say about the setup of the room is that at least they have the mains somewhat in the open as opposed to in an enclosed cabinet.

It is great to have a discussion about this based on an article in a magazine.