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Add on to lock HDMI to a device?


Well-Known Member
I saw this article on a device to attach the HDMI cable to the units to prevent loose connections.

I hope we can find a screw over or under the hdmi cable to utilize this. My Vizio TV's don't have a screw to attach to the device and the TV.

Maybe manufacturers can add this feature to other cables like USB or mini usb.

http://www.prosoundweb.com/article/extr ... _nab_2011/

But I don't think the screw placement is standardized, so some connectors may have a screw above/below the port, while others have one left/right or not at all.

Still a neat idea though.
That's far better than the device I saw a few years ago. Can't remember where or who had it though.
Yes and with opening the back and very carefully adding a hole and screw in a safe place to support the strap would still void the waranty.

Another option would be to add a bar on the back of the rack to secure with velcro ties or plastic ties the cables to reduce the strain on holding them in place. Similar to the cable runs on computer racks for patch pannel.
What I hate is that some TVs still use horizontally oriented HDMI ports. That makes it impossible to mount the set very close to the wall when using a stiff cable.
HDMI cables with right-angle plugs are available and would help in both of these situations. The cord hangs down instead of sticking out, so less chance of a loose connection and only sticks out 3/8" or so.
Yeah, I know. I use monoprice right angle adapters because my preferred cables don't come with right angle plugs as an option, but I shouldn't have to.
The Vizio Razors are coming with the hdmi on the left side and this makes it harder to keep the cables from being visible. I currently use the Vizio as my switching point because my old surround sound is a Sony 800 and I have not ugraded to a new receiver. It works very well at providing the sound and video and switching functions. I use the optical out to the Sony to get my 5.1