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Snake Doctor

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I want to get a TV for the bedroom and I don’t want to spend a whole lot so say under $500. Well I went to Best Buy‘s today and I found TCL, Toshiba, insignia, and for all about the same price. I think maybe Sam son was in that price range I know Sony was not. Which monitor will I get the best bang for the buck. Just want to good picture. I am looking at 43 inches to 50 inches. Most of those sets were around $360 for the 50 inch.


Retired Admin
If I'm not mistaken, Towen has a TCL set and has raved about its quality and value. I bought a cheap Vizio at Walmart a couple of years ago out of necessity. I was shocked at how good a $250 POS TV was. As long as you're not looking for 4K in huge sizes, you really don't need to spend a lot, especially for a bedroom set.


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It’s a bedroom TV, don’t over think it. There are really only two things a bedroom is for and one of them ain’t TV watching ... and it damned sure isn’t the place to be doing “critical” watching.


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Yup, what ^^^HE^^^ said. Pick the one you want, buy it and don't look back.
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Half you guys must work for Lockheed-Martin: you pay no attention to the spec requirements, nor the cost...

:nyah: :biggrin:


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I highly recommend the TCL 6 Series, as I think it has the best picture quality anywhere near its price range.