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Almost 40 years of #1's... 5 seconds at a time


MetaBotch Doggy Dogg Mellencamp
This is cool. Somebody strung together a 5-second or less clip from every Number One song ever released, from when they started counting until about 1993 (I hope whoever did it will continue up until the present day).
You can really get a feel for the history of pop music by listening. You hear a lot of doo-wop and 50's rock, then the Beatles split the place wide open, then a bunch of gooey singer-songwriters, then Chic, Donna Summer and the Beegees take over (with some Barry Manilow and Wings weaving in and out), then New Wave; hell, this was fun! I've only listening to the first 45-minute clip so far, the second one is about 23 minutes.
I also was amazed that some really great bands only had one #1 hit: Fleetwood Mac, Doobies, Chicago; Queen had two but Bohemian Rhapsody wasn't either!
I could name about half the artists up until the Beatles hit, then I could hit about 9/10 (except for the novelty numbers; Disco Duck anyone? :vomit: Enjoy; I guarantee you'll smile a lot, not recognize a few, and maybe throw up in your mouth a little on a couple!


EDIT: Unfortunately these snippets fly by too fast for any sort of GTG trivia contest...