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Amazon Prime question


I'm famous now bitches! vvvvv
If you're an Amazon Prime customer, do you also get free 2 day shipping from the sister sites (UK, France, Germany, Japan, etc.)? If not, do you get any type of free shipping from those countries to the US?

There's a couple of CDs I'm looking to get. One of them is cheaper in the UK than here and the other one is only available in the UK.
I asked a similar question awhile back, and the answer I got back was "No".
A CD that's only available in the UK, we just have to bite the bullet. :|
We don't always get 2 day free shipping if it is from a 3rd party seller, either. But, I still have saved a Bucket O'money being a prime member and free 2 day shipping on "most" things is AWESOME!! :handgestures-thumbup:

At the top of "My" amazon page, it tells me if it is eligible for "prime" or not. I don't know if non-prime members see the same thing or not.

Dennie said:
We don't always get 2 day free shipping if it is from a 3rd party seller, either........

Yeah, I've always known that. The $3 shipping cost sucks, but makes little difference if the disc itself is price really low. Most of the time, if it's only going to save me a dollar or two going used or new (with Prime), I'll just buy new to get the faster shipping time.

I compared prices of the two discs I wanted. Both of them are 0.01 British Pound, plus 1.26 pounds for shipping (I guess that's the same as $3 here). One of those two discs here is $10.80 used or $25 new and the other in not available.

Guess I'll just go with those British chaps and save my money. Pretty much a no brainer since both discs are going to be under $11 total.