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Anaview D-Class ALC0240-2300


Renaissance man
Very cool!! Was that a kit that just requires assembling, or did you actually design some of it?

Any interesting tidbits about the build, and how do they sound??
This was not a kit and there are no instructions. Anaview (Abletec) typically sells to manufacturers, who use these in production applications; like the Teac AX-501. The schematics are part of the PDF download. http://www.anaview.com/sites/default/files/PDS ALC0240-2300-I.pdf I used that to determine what I needed. The amplifier modules I bought from a friend, who purchased but never used them. I then source the chassis, connectors, crimp pins, volume control and other misc stuff. The only deviation from the schematic was the addition of the volume control and the switch that allows me to run them as stereo amps or mono blocks.


Renaissance man
Swapped these amps with the 2A3 tubes in my DIY system and am liking it. The bass control is great and the extra headroom allows for more bass punch.