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Antenna Amplifier


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I am looking for an antenna distribution amp (4-6 out lets). I currnetly have an antenna amplifier and would like to distribute it throughout the house. Should I go with a distribution black, split the hell out of it or get antenna distribution amp? And if so, what would you recommend?
I like Channel Vision products. If you already have an amp you'd just need a good splitter. I have an 8-way HS Hybrid Splitter, DC Pass which I use along with a separate amp.

Let's see if I can add a pic of my wiring...


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Maximo said:
Very nice setup btw.

Thanks. I did all of the low-voltage wiring when the house was being built. Apparently the city inspector asked my builder who he had hired to do the wiring because it was the best job he'd ever seen. Here's another photo showing some of the raceway conduit with pull strings that go to the wall boxes.


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That's why I can never have a house built. Because I am so damn peticular I would burn through 10 contractors because none of them know how to do anything right.