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Anyone remember this old USWest Commercial w/Ellen? (1991)


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Ellen Degeneres talks like Ellen Degeneres. So this commercial is bound to seem similar to some of her more recent ones. But still... Even though this commercial is about 20 years old, it seems very fresh in my mind. They must've ran it one heck of a lot back in the day! Either that or I just watched a lot of TV. (Well... yes, I know I did.)

Based on a quick read of her Wikipedia page, it would appear that Ellen was already somewhat known as a comic by this time; but not yet a household name. [Note: The video says this is from 1991. Though imdb.com seems indicates she filmed this in 1987 ???]

Re: Anyone remember this old USWest Commercial w/Ellen? (199

I remember the first time I saw Ellen on TV. It was a show on Fox that was a spin off of Duet. She was hilarious, as so was Danny Gans. I can't remember the name of the show though.
Re: Anyone remember this old USWest Commercial w/Ellen? (199

The first time I saw her was a movie called Mr. Wrong with Bill Pullman.