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Apple TV


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I have pretty much abandoned the AppleTV platform. I have three in my house and they never get used anymore because we much prefer the Roku. But we use other services because we have no interest in iTunes content.

That said I've also installed a couple at the office strictly for their AirPlay function. Me and my team use them during presentations to mirror our iPads onto TVs or projectors.


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They are also releasing the iTunes app for Android and Windies soon, making it possible to access your content on non-Apple devices.


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The Apple TV dead in my opinion. Airplay is all it's good for. I have a 3rd gen and a 4th gen and Airplay is all we use them for.


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I only use my Appletv for streaming my music and nothing more. In fact tonight I was actually relaxing just streaming my music as Michelle wasn't home. It's the only reason I still have my Appletv in my home theater otherwise I use Roku for everything.