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Ash Koley in Concert


Deleted member 133

A few of you know that I am very high on the new Canadian group called Ash Koley (comprised of Phil Deschambault & Ash Koley). So much so that last year I sent several members copies of their debut CD Inventions.

After two near misses in recent months trying to see them in concert (Ottawa with Ron Sexsmith; and Montreal with Lissie) this evening the stars were aligned in my favour and I was able to see them outdoors in Cornwall (where they warmed-up for Collective Soul.)

They played a 45 minute all-acoustic set (Phil on guitar and vocals, Ash's terrific voice) that really showed their incredible talents.

For those who have not yet heard of them: trust me. Order a copy of Inventions.

I managed to take a few hundred shots and here's but a small sampling.

And you got to meet them no less. Very cool!

I was listening to their disc just today.
Jeff just saw this thread (I hardly check out the music section) but thanks for sharing the pics, I still love the CD you sent me and have a few of her tracks on my usb for my car when I'm on the road. Great artist and beautiful voice.
JeffMackwood said:
For those who have not yet heard of them: trust me. Order a copy of Inventions.

Listening to this now... pretty good! Reminds me quite a bit of The New Pornographers, actually.
Glad you guys are enjoying their music.

When I talked to Phil after the concert, he apologized that he did not have the band with them. I told him I really liked hearing he and Ash alone. Apparently the band is busy laying down tracks for the next CD.

Starting when I was out at Hoops' place a few months back, I've been seeing how many of their other tunes I can find that never made the debut CD (although just before the CD they put out a vinyl album that had some tracks that were not on the CD either like Bugs!, Getaway Car, Ten Speed Flying Racing Bike, and Trampoline.)

In addition to those I've found six others and have downloaded copies of five of them. They're all good.

Funny sidebar: at Hoops' I found out that they had contributed two songs to that "great" 2008 Paris Hilton movie's soundtrack: The Hottie and the Nottie. We found out that you could buy DVD copies for 1 cent (which was probably paying too much!) but that the soundtrack itself was never released on CD. One of the two songs, Devil's Dance Floor, is very good.

All this to say that they already have a lot of good stuff that's never been released on CD, including Leave the Rest for Dead, which they played at the concert. I'm sure there's a bunch of new unreleased tunes to come as well.