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Audeze: New king of the Hill?

So Dane, by your short answer, I assume that means these Audeze planars are getting good press over at Head-Fi? I haven't kept up there recently, as I'm pretty happy with my HiFiMan HE-5. And lately I've been working in my den rather than "office" (corner of the sun room), so am listening more to my speakers than headphones.

Oh, have you gotten Head-Fi's "Open Your Ears" demo? I did, though I haven't gone through the material yet. Should be interesting to read their detailed liner notes while listening.
Paul, I never got that demo. I do have some similar CDs.

The LCD-2 is a fairly flat(accurate) HP from all that I've gathered. The comfort level is not great it seems. I'd love to hear them. It is possible that I could end up buying a used pair down the road...you never know with me. After the T1 I bought a new laptop and 32" LCD recently so I'm very broke.

I still have my JVC DX1000 which I do like but would sell if interest arises( I did try to sell them not long ago). The JVC would have to go before I bought the LCD-2. I'm still loving my T1 and plan to keep them even if I did go LCD-2.