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Audio Myths Workshop

I knew those Acoustic Devices worked! :eek:bscene-buttred:

Rope :laughing-rolling:
I can't lusten to the whole thing now and even if I could I doubt that I'd have the patience for Mr. Winer's editing.

I did read some of the comments on the YouTube page and noticed that Mr. Winer recommends ROMEX for long distance speaker runs. I would never have thought about that!
Very interesting..........& way over my head as well........
I've seen this before. Some of it is a little boring but a few good point are made. IIRC he mentions the term PRaT and how silly it is. I see Head-Fi members mentioning how a HP has good PRaT which I think is a stupid idea. I hate this term.

How can a monitor not have good pace? Is it lagging in speed and loses time somehow?
How can a monitor not have good rhythm? Was it made with a slow, goofy coil that has a bum leg and can't dance?
Timing?? ...I have no idea
GreatDane said:
Some of it is a little boring but a few good point are made.
I had to watch this in four 15-minute segments due to its length and, yeah, sometimes less-than-interesting subject matter. But there is definitely a plethora of good information and knowledge to be gained from this. A lot of which, Flint has been professing for years. SO much so, it makes me wonder if Flint is Nathan's illigitmate son. :eusa-whistle:
How about the audio reviewers who say things like "this speaker is good, but it did not get my toes tapping, nor does it pass the goose bump test" :snooty:

WTF, Maybe your feet were tired or you were in a bad mood, Perhaps your thermostat was set too high, preventing your skin from producing goose bumps. :angry-banghead: