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Auro -3D 11.1 Surround Sound


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http://collider.com/red-tails-auro-3d-1 ... nd/137416/

Barco is affiliated with Cinemark, not on the list for a theatre near me to get this height channel surround sound upgrade. Hopefully that will change, so does anybody have a local theatre that has this?

I also wish our local theatre would upgrade their sound to Cinemark's Xtreme Digital Cinema aka; XD Cinema. We have digital projectors however the bass is pretty weak, could use some big JBL's like IMAX uses.


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TitaniumTroy said:
so does anybody have a local theatre that has this?
Empire Leicester THX Cinema! JBL super power!!!

Oops, sorry. :shifty:

Here's the real thing.


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He who shall not be named was ahead of time, Whole Sonic Overhead LIVES!!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane, DIYer. Love that massive, hi-def tv
screen, not!


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LMAO that was too funny.

We have Cinemark theaters near me but every time I go I feel like I'm in a cheap theater and expect a porno to start playing. We have a great theater called Cine Capri (took Razz and Jeff there when they were visiting) they were impressed by the grandeur of the theater, screen and audio.

Deleted member 133

One of my true life regrets is that I was not born 50 or so years earlier so that I could have attended screenings in the grandeur of film palaces that dotted the land as the movie industry took off. Even locally when I read about such theatres and their adornings it makes me want to weep that they've all been torn down long ago. Of course way back then it would have been mostly black and white and mono, but I can only imagine how incredible it would have been to be centre-theatre surrounded by 3,000 other patrons!

In my travels I still come across the very occasional movie theatre that let's me sort of imagine what it must have been like. Close but not close enough.

And I guess my point is that it's not just about the latest and greatest surround sound system. Movie going should be about the venue and everything else that makes it a total experience.


ps. That theatre WAS very impressive Matt!

ps. Way too infrequently, the National Arts Centre here in Ottawa will screen something in its Southam Hall. Many many years ago they screened an hour and a half of "original" Looney Tunes Cartoons and all of the music was played live by the NAC Orchestra. They'd even gone so far as to bring in the original instrument that made that BBWWOOOWWANG sound at the start of each cartoon.