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av rack


Active Member
i need a rack that would not break the bank .it need to be 6 shelves but 5 could work .now i have them stacked which i don't think is good for them . :text-feedback:
Make sure to get one with an "Eject" feature, like Tom's... :teasing-tease:

Seriousry, hopefully Batman will post some info...
On the cheap, you're not going to get anything better than a good flexy style rack. If you have some scrap wood anywhere (3/4" thickness) all you need is some all-thread and nuts from Home Depot and/or Lowe's. You can make a really nice rack for well under $100.

EDIT: Check out this link on how to build one from Wardsweb's page.

The Rack

About 2 weeks ago I pitched a six shelf Sanus rack into to dump because I couldn't sell it.


Botch said:
Make sure to get one with an "Eject" feature, like Tom's... :teasing-tease:

Seriousry, hopefully Batman will post some info...

The eject feature is a must have.

Do you need a rack that be out in the dpi or inside an emclosure? What's the budget?
This one has 5 shelves if you count the top shelf and is only $329+. I have the 6 shelf version, but it looks like they are not making it anymore.....


I got mine at Best Buy a number of years ago and am very happy with it. Good wire management also!

Here is the LINKY to AUDIO ADVISOR---->http://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=SANFA245

I hope this helps,

If you want to spend the extra dollars, I think that is a great cabinet....


I like the idea of keeping dust off of the electronics! :handgestures-thumbup:

lovemytoys said:
the best i can find 679.00

That's not a bad price. Is it big enough for your needs? How much is shipping? :confusion-scratchheadyellow:

Did you check Amazon?

I may be new to Apple's Autocorrect but I'm fairly certain that "emclosure" was NOT autocorrected. Nice try though. :eek:bscene-buttred:

And I really dig that whole Ebonics vibe you went with too. LOL

It's over budget but not by a huge amount. Is the situation such that you can postpone the purchase to allow time for the funds to come available?