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Avia II; 42" Plasma


Well, I finally took the time to TWEAK our 42" Plasma with the Avia II Disc.

My biggest improvement was with the Color and Tint.

This TV is about 6 yrs old. My settings before the tweak for both the Color and Tint were 0. After the tweak they were -4 and -6.

I was suprised that these adjustments had to be decreased due to the age of the TV.

This was a much needed improvement and happy that we took the time to do this!
Yeah, I did the avia2 on my humble 46" lcd, it made some difference, made colors seem a bit more natural. Again, not claiming to be any sort of video expert.
The AVIA disc works well on CRT and plasma sets but on either of my LCD's the difference after using it was just "eh". :|