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Bachman & Turner in Concert

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Fans of CBC Radio are no doubt familiar with Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap - an excellent weekly music show, with Randy adding chords and comments between chosen tracks; those tracks chosen to fit a given theme.

Randy Bachman is also part of the Bachman in Bachman Turner Overdrive - of which I'm sure you know at least one or two songs.

Well last year Randy and his BTO partner Fred Turner re-united to release an album called ... Bachman & Turner. It's actually pretty good.

And tonight in Ottawa, they will perform in concert at The National Arts Centre.

It's sold out. I have tickets. Middle of the main floor, dead centre.

Concert review to follow after the show.


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Well it was quite the performance.

Randy and Fred played a wide swath of their common and individual repertoire. Everything from American Woman (which Randy co-wrote with Burton Cummings back in the Guess Who days), through a full suite of BTO tunes, and cuts from the new Bachman & Turner album.

Fred's voice was incredible - and held up all night long. Great range. Very dynamic. Randy's voice was a little weak to start but it built in strength as the show went on.

Randy's guitar playing however was otherworldly! Leads and solos aplenty. Flawlessly performed - and improvised. Fred's bass playing was superb. On one song he and Randy duelled it out for several minutes. I called it a draw!

They got things going early on with Not Fragile and Hey You. They closed the set with You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet, and the encore with Takin' Care of Business.

Prime Minister Harper was in the house and was up dancing with Maureen, and sang along on a number of tunes. Apparently he had Fred and Randy over for dinner the night before.

The sound at the NAC was of course excellent.

Warmup band was The Sheepdogs from Saskatoon. This is a great rock band. They're one of the final four bands in the "Rolling Stone choose the cover contest." Log on to RollingStone.com and cast a vote for them!


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In 7th Grade my first album I bought was BTO - Not Fragile


Was a huge BTO Fan for many years and had almost all of their stuff on vinyl until the basement flooded and lost my complete collection that was in storage.
Nice, Jeff. Will have to sample some of these guys....