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Bad4Good w/Thomas McRocklin & redhead from Diffrent Strokes

Re: Bad4Good w/Thomas McRocklin & redhead from Diffrent Stro

Holy Crap, that is the first time i have ever heard of them. What an all star line up. The guitarist Thomas McRocklin was 12? He also played on Steve Vai's "The Audience is Listening".

The drummer is Frank Zappa's youngest brother?????

All according to Wikipedia, which was kinda slim on all aspects of the band. The lead singer danny Cooksy, the kid from different strokes, was the only one who hadn't had his page removed.

That was really pretty cool. In '91 I would have been a fan. BTW, the guitar player, an apparent virtuoso apparently left the music biz and has done nothing since he was a teenager. How many amazing talents has the industry destroyed?
Re: Bad4Good w/Thomas McRocklin & redhead from Diffrent Stro

I mostly remembered McRocklin from Vai's music video, and I remembered Bad4Good because of their novelty. Despite me being about the same age as them, I kind of thought they were a joke at the time (Danny Cooksy had been on a Nickelodeon TV show just prior); but that video really isn't half bad. There was talent there, to be sure. And if grunge hadn't come along and made the stuff in this video look silly, then maybe they could've stood more of a chance to become something longer-term akin to Silverchair. Then again it was somewhat of a supergroup, and those prefabricated bands often don't last very long.
Re: Bad4Good w/Thomas McRocklin & redhead from Diffrent Stro

Which Steve Vai video was he in? I want to look it up.

Nevermind I found it, now I remember that video. I had no idea.