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Bamboo based Diffusors by Auralex

Flint said:

From what I read, going "green" refers to using recyclable materials. So, technically, using bamboo isn't adhering to the definition but since bamboo is not tree (it's grass), there is a market. Wait till grass huggers find out about this.
The bamboo manufacturers are really pushing the whole "green" thing. Like using cotton is so detrimental to the environment.

If you purchase the bamboo diffusors, you're automatically opted out for adoption of Quala and Gorilla. They'll eat you out of diffusors. :teasing-neener:

Dont plant that bamboo or your land will be taken over by the bamboo forest. Bamboo is in the grass family and it sends it's shoots everywhere.

I replaced my kitchen floor just over a year ago when I put together my new HT system. I was going to go with bamboo, but it's losing favor, I guess it fades unevenly under sunlight.