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Grandmaster Pimp Daddy
Anyone see this yet. I bought this based on reviews of the image clarity of this film. here's what Wiki says on on the transfer.

Following previous DVD releases, in 2007 the original 65 mm negative was re-scanned at 8K (a horizontal resolution of 8192 pixels) with equipment designed specifically for Baraka at FotoKem Laboratories. The automated 8K film scanner, operating continuously, took more than three weeks to finish scanning more than 150,000 frames (taking approximately 12–13 seconds to scan each frame), producing over 30 terabytes of image data in total. After a 16-month digital intermediate process, including a 96 kHz/24 bit audio remaster by Stearns for the DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack, the result was re-released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in October, 2008. Project supervisor Andrew Oran says this remastered Baraka is "arguably the highest quality DVD that's ever been made".[1] Chicago Sun-Times critic Roger Ebert describes the Blu-ray release as "the finest video disc I have ever viewed or ever imagined."[2] A sequel to Baraka, Samsara, is planned to be released in 2011.

Me and the GF watched this last night, I thought she'd be bored, but she was fascinated at all the imagery and the varying views of nature, people and religion used to tell a story with not one word of spoken dialogue. I plan on bringing this to Bats GTG, because just on my 1080i Pioneer I was blown away at how crystal clear the picture (and sound) was and can only imagine how this is going to look on Bats 1080p projector.
I have it, it is indeed the most beautiful visual image my system is capable of. Anxious to see it on Bat's system too! :handgestures-thumbup:

After a 16-month digital intermediate process,
Someday we'll be able to tell our grandkids about the time when it took over a year to digitally reformat something (my fairly new iMac takes over a day to burn a DVD from clips I've found on a free HD pr0n site; I'm burning them to disk purely for historical purposes as the site will probably be sabotaged :ugeek: ).