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Best of the worst

I don't own a copy yet, but thanks for the reminder (heading to Amazon next):

Army Of Darkness is hands down my favorite bad, and I mean BAD, movie.

I own more copies than I'm comfortable admitting to. Okay... Okay... Five. I own five copies of AOD.
I mostly don't buy movies, and so I don't own a copy of it; but if I did then this would be a candidate:

The Toxic Avenger


Mine's easily this film


I love this movie and used to watch it on HBO back in the 80s when I was a kid. Lucky for me, my copy was only $10

Sad thing is, this is a sequel to a movie made called Kill Or Be Killed which I am still trying to find on DVD and/or laserdisc.

EEEEEEEEEYAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! :laughing:

"Private Lessons" this is a cheesy 80's comedy that was just bad enough to make the list. Some funny scenes. I recall watching this with my father about some young teen who falls for his hot tutor and there is a scene where the teen and his teen buddies (one played by Crispin Glover) go to a whorehouse and the teen gets this one girl who has what could best be described as the world's most perfect boobs, when she takes off her dress my father comments, "Man this movie sucks, but that right there was worth the price of admission." I never laughed so hard with my father before that.