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Best place for TV reviews


Well-Known Member
Trying to find the best picture for my $ in a 46" model. Looking for the best reviews based on calibrated tests.
The last three issues of Consumer Reports are sitting on a table in my cubicle, I think there was a TV review in one of them. I'll check when I go into work.
Doghart said:
I'm personally pretty trusting of the cnet reviews.

Seems pretty unbiased.

BTW: the panny VT25 50" can be had for $1500 if you look around.

http://reviews.cnet.com/best-hdtvs/?tag ... revCatWrap

I'm torn, I like it for sure but I'm not sure I want a 50" sitting 8' away. Price is probably slightly steeper than I'd prefer as well. Panasonic does have a 46" plasma but I've seen in a few places mention of them having a black level issue over time. I'm such a huge fan of panasonic though it feels weird to consider other brands. Samsung has upped the bar recently and I like some of their offerings. Seems they got that ridiculous user interface somewhat straightened out. Sony is just too expensive to me. LG scares me like Vizio does in regards to long term reliability. I really don't see much about Toshiba anywhere so I'm guessing their offerings are subpar.

I think 46/47" is perfect. By yromj's tv size calculation I got 38" (if I did it right) I sit a few inches under 8' away. I have a 42" now and feel like I'd like it just a tad larger to get that immersed feeling without it being too much.
Thanks Zing, it'll be interesting to see if the ST30 will be worth the price of almost two of the X3's. Buy what's been written it sounds as if the new ones are worth waiting for. One thing I'll say for Samsung is they do put it in a sexier package than Panasonic, but I'm not buying it to stare at the bezel, but it makes you feel like your getting a newer/upgraded product.
I have 2 of the older TU series Panny 46" plasmas.

While they are a great value for dollar, I would NOT have one as my main viewing set.

The PQ difference between the C, S and G series compared to the VT series is very noticeable. Not just black levels, but color accuracy and greyscale quality is a big step up in the VT line. The VT has the best picture I've ever seen on a tv (I had a 58" viewed from 14-15' ).

If you can score that 46" in Zing's link for around 1k, then that's the way to go brother!

Doghart said:
If you can score that 46" in Zing's link for around 1k, then that's the way to go brother!
Since these 2011 models were just released in the past week, I think it's going to be quite a while before the price drops that much. If it does, then there's a reason and you probably don't want that set.
Anyone know how the Samsung plasma model lineup indicates their low to high end?