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Bevis and Butthead?

It's like it never went away....

And it was awesome.

Even at 44... thank goodness I've never grown up.
This was the most MTV that I've watched in the last 10+ years, all thanks to Beavis and Butthead. (Also ended up watching that dumb cartoon they aired after it: "Good Vibes" or whatever it was.)

I liked that Stewart still wore a Winger tee-shirt. And I liked the 4:3 aspect ratio for nostalgia's sake.

Didn't care much for the "couch chatter" about new reality TV shows like Jersey Shore, but I understand that it makes sense nowadays. It's just that I never ever watch those shows. (I hate them.) And, to be honest, part of me is still kind of mad that they decided to bring Beavis and Butthead back as I just don't want to envision them in a modern world. But time moves on; I'm being selfish. Besides, it's not like they gave Butthead a cell phone---yet, thankfully. So, overall, I thought the first episode was pretty good and true to the original run, even if it forces me to acknowledge the modern crap that I'm trying to ignore---i.e. "Twilight", "16 and Pregnant", etc.