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Bias lighting


Well-Known Member
Just received some LED light strips to try to setup bias lighting. Any recommendations on space from edge? I was told 2 to 3 inches from edges


Dog Faced Pony Soldier
Enough distance that you cannot make out the individual LEDs in the reflected light on the wall. The wall should just blow without and shadows or bright points.


Well-Known Member
I used masking tape to temporarily hang up the lights. I note the side lighting is okay but not as nice as the top and bottom. I still think I like it though


Well-Known Member
I have a similar lighting strip and put mine 4 inches from the edge and looks fine.


Well-Known Member
Finally permanently put up the lights. Picture doesn't do it justice but it is brilliant. I can adjust on 20% increments with the IR remote. Or tweak even closer.

100% probably too bright for movies. I liked it 60% or even less. Higher brightness probably best for sports and casual watching.