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Blu Ray Player In The Future?


Do any of you own either the:


DMP-BDT 210 OR 110

I am finally considering a player in the near future and looking for a player for < $200. I don't need any fancy features.

Anyother suggestions out there?
You can get one for a lot less than $200... what features do you need? I'm very happy with my Sony BDP-S370, which you can get on eBay for $70. Or a 380 on amazon for $80. I got Sony mainly because my #1 requirement was SACD playback. If your display is 1080p already, then the BD player is just a simple transport so there's not much reason to get a fancy one. If you care a lot about things like dvd upscaling, or downscaling for a 720p or something, then you may need to look more closely at those features.

Anyway, as usual, the best approach imho is to figure out what features you need, then just get the cheapest one that satisfies all those.
I am not looking for any special features.

It will need to play my DVD's and maybe an occasional SCAD.

I did not realize that they can be found for < $100.

Thanks Paul!
Well not brand spanking new for that price... but with eBay/PayPal buyer protection I don't think there's that much to worry about. But even new ones aren't too much more than that. If you want SACD, Sony is AFAIK the only one in the low price range (e.g. not Oppo) that'll do those.

Edit: seems the 380 is ~$92 NEW on amazon. At least, I don't see anything there that says anything about refurb or such.
Mine's either the 380 or the 370. AFAIK, there is nothing different between those two, so maybe you could save by going with the 370.