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Bought a Carada screen


Well-Known Member
For some time now I have been complaining about my rippled Dalite Model B screen. I mentioned awhile back about getting a Stewart Studiotek screen but the price was scaring me away. Read enough reviews to assuage my fears and ordered the Criterion series 1:78 to 1 screen in brilliant white. A bunch of JVC owners seem to be using it and are quite happy, so hopefully I will be too!! Ordered on the 15th and according to tracking it is in Mississauga (about an hour from me), and out for delivery to ME!!! Hopefully I get it for fathers day!!
PS: I figure with the money I saved on the screen I can get the HSU vtf 15H!!! :happy-smileygiantred:
Congrats! Be sure to report back and post some pics...
Ugh... super jealous. I have a ripple issue too. Very few quests have ever noticed it, but it drives me crazy when the camera pans and I see a warp. Of course you do know that we require pics, right? :eek:bscene-drinkingcheers:
I'm still very happy with my DIY screen. I doubt I'll ever buy one in the future if I want to go bigger, but if I do I would definitively go with a Carada. I've seen two setups with them (Tee's being one of them) and they are worth more than their price.

A great company too.
Zing said:
Nice going Mike! Excellent choice! I'm thrilled with mine. What size?
It is a 106 diagonal. Still waiting on the thing. Sitting at a Fedex Depot (about 1/2 hour from my house) since Friday, not exactly sure why?? Called today and it is supposed to be delivered today!! Fingers crossed!!