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can't find, please help.


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In my trig class we're to the point of sin/cos. The teacher used audio as an example for the "sin" sinewaves. After class I had a few Qs and one thing led to another. What I'm looking for ate the pictures of HT or just 2.1 set ups.

One of the pics was of a set up that makes me think of a studio but was a HT set up. I can't remember if the room was square, but iirc, everything in the room was set up as a circle, with the seats as the center point. Even the cds, movies, amp racks, etc were part of it. That's all I can remember as far as description for that one.

The other pic is of, iirc, a raised floor where the whole floor was the sub horn/transmission line enclosure.

I've looked and can't find them. Don't know if it was here or S&'s site???
Yes, that was the 1st pic in question, thanks.

Now I just need to find the one with the false floor.