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Cars 2


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Has anyone seen this trailer...while I didn't really have any expectations, a cars/spy movie wasn't really what I would have had in mind. I'll hold off on making a complete judgement since even what I consider average movies from pixar have their moments...
It'll have it's moments for sure but this one looks like it should have gone straight to DVD.
I watched this embedded youtube video via my iPad. This has nothing to do with the thread.....I'm just boasting the fact that I can! :happy-smileygiantred:


As for the movie, it doesn't look all that good....and I'm tired of Larry the cable guy's voice.
The kids got this for Christmas, and I agree, the plot was something that has been done a 100 times, but I found it entertaining. The visual of the movie though, I will say this has to be the best looking Bluray that I own. I was just stunned out how real everything looked, almost had a 3d feel to it.
I think artistic style plays into it a lot, but I think Wall-E is still the best looking Pixar movie in regards to realism IMO...
I enjoyed this one, as I do almost all Pixar movies... visuals were outstanding!
Razz said:
I enjoyed this one, as I do almost all Pixar movies... visuals were outstanding!

One has to ask how many Cap'n and cokes did you have before watching this?