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CBS AllAccess app sucks balls!


"Do you know who I am?"
I've put off posting anything, but enough is enough. The app for CBS All Access is the biggest stinking pile of dogshit I've ever seen.

I love the content and the price, which for me at least, is worth it. I also put up with their shitty app for as long as I could, making excuses for their amateurish decisions and lazy development

First, I encountered significant streaming lockups and buffering issues, including full app failures. I excused their crappy work by telling myself the price was good and CBS was a broadcaster, not a streamer. But those issues have pretty much gone away.

Second, it takes far too many clicks to start a show. I scroll, pick a show which indicates the nexy episode available which I haven't watched, then click on it, click on the episode again, then click to start the episode. What the fuck???? With all the other services I struggle to stop the start of content because merely hovering on a show starts it in the background, but with CBS I choose tg he show, choose the episode, then choose to start the episode.

Thirdly, the app sometimes keeps track of the shows over watched and other times doesn't track anything, as if I haven't watched any episodes. One show requires I remember what I've watched while others shows inform me what I've watched. Why can't they be consistent??? The morons who created the app mix it up and I never know what to expect.

Fourth, the app sometimes synchronizes my settings between devices and sometimes it doesn't. I cannot trust the times it does choose to show me what I have watched. Why show me at all if it isn't accurate?

These issues are not enough to make me give up on CBS, but I am starting to get angry when trying to find the show's I want to watch. It is less enjoyable to watch TV when I am angry before the show starts.

I am done making excuses. I'll be harassing the company's support team until they either solve these problems, or I finally throw int he towel and stop paying their fees.

What is wrong with these hosers????
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I wonder if it is the FireTV app. I have not had any streaming issues with the Android TV client running on my NVidia Shield TV. I have not spent enough time with it on Roku to comment. That said, I agree 100% with the too many clicks clunkiness and the fact that the watch next queue is less than perfect.


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I use several Roku devices and have had no streaming issues so Haywood suggests it may be a problem with CBS AA interfacing with the FireTV. Also it may help if you delete and reinstall the app I have found when having trouble with apps that helps sometime,

Regarding UI I agree it leaves much to be desired. I have not had the problem of it not remembering previous viewed shows (narrow blue line at bottom of episode frame). It drives me nuts tht origional CBS show episodes are listed (first to most recent) the reverse of the way network show episodes are listed (most recent to first).

One big gripe is the don't offer all seasons of alot of the shows such as Big Bang you can only view current season episodes. I suspect this has to do with syndication profitability.


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That's funny, I just added CBS all access last night, although I added it through the Prime app on 4K player. I watched maybe 5 minutes of the new Star Trek, which looked gorgeous, but don't remember having any problems. I've also added HBO Now through the Prime app, and my biggest complaint is that Amazon co-mingles everything together, rather than just having a seperate area for the sub channels. I'll be honest, I haven't played around with it that much, so I maybe missing something as well.


"Do you know who I am?"
As I mentioned, the issues I had with streams freezing or that app locking up have cleared up. I don't recall having any of those issues over the past, say, 5 months. I brought it up because the platform has had serious issues for a long time and represents the lack of quality they hare presenting to us.