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Ceiling Fan


Well-Known Member
Our ceiling fan stop working the other day. It is a light/fan combo that has a rf remote, and it will not work without the remote. We have the same fan in our bedroom.

After changing the pin settins on the bedroom remote to rule out a remote issue, and checking for power through the light itself, I'm thinking it is the remote receiving unit in the light itself. There are two wires in, black and white, and three wires out. Anybody know if you can wire it direct? The light was not that expensive, so if too much of an issue, I'll just replace it.
You can wire it directly but you will not have independent control. The receiver has two wires for the input (hot and neutral) which should be connected to the black and white wires from your home's electrtical circtuit. Just remove the receiver and connect the fan and light-kit directly to the circuit.
The third wire in the fan should be one for fan control and one for light You might also find that there is another white netrual for the light.

I have purchased the hunter rf remotes seperate from the fans. I also have the rf remote in the lite switche version in the bed room. Remote bedside and switch on wall oh so good.