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Change in NF TV Series Format


Well-Known Member
I noticed a couple weeks ago that NF was offering TV series without splitting it into seasons. Last night I discovered they have changed ALL TV series to this format. for example you no longer look for say "24" Season 4. Now "24" is one single offering with all 193 episodes included.

The problem with this is they provide no sub-category when you want to look for an episode or particular season so if you want to watch 24" season 4 you have to shuffle thru all the episodes in the "choose episode" to get to S4 EP1.

Not a big deal if there are 20-30 episodes but there are some out there like "24" that have hundreds of episodes. A bit of a pain.

Maybe it saves room on their servers. Not sure why they did this.
I hadn't noticed. I kinda like that it'll put the episodes in order. When I sarch for a series Like family guy, the search results will include all the volumes but they are randomly placed (volume 3, followed by volume 7, followed by volume 1, followed by a different program, followed by volume 2). Putting them in episode order takes that hassel out of the picture.

I see your point though. Scrolling through 20 episodes per volume is easier than 100 episodes per title.