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Come back you stupid B***H and get in the shelter!


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At the 00:30 mark.

The above line taken from the 1986 animated film, "When The Wind Blows". Those words sound quite callous, but the couple involved is very loving. I had bookmarked this movie on YouTube months ago and saw maybe the first 10 minutes. Recently, I decided to finally watch it the rest of it. But, alas, it's been removed save for a few short clips here and there. I'm quite disappointed. Not that I'm surprised as I'm sure it is copyrighted.

So with that said... I'm not meaning to make this a political thread, but let's all hope nuclear attacks are never carried out again. Not on us, not on anyone.

Thanks Kazaam, that was an excellent clip, and I'll be searching Amazon for the full film.
Reminds me of a made-for-tv movie, I think it was called "The Day After" but I can't remember for sure, from about 1985 or so. The first half of the film was outstanding, the buildup to the war between the US and the USSR, and it never really showed who "shot first" (as a real nuclear war would probably happen).
The second half of the film was the aftermath, and wasn't near as well-done.

I've worked in the nuclear weapon business for eleven years, and always get reflective when the possibility of actually using them comes up. Again, thanks for posting that. :handgestures-thumbup:
I think this film covers both the buildup and the aftermath. Though, since I haven't yet seen the whole thing I'm not sure how much time is devoted to each.

FWIW, it's my understanding that Roger Waters wrote much of the music for the soundtrack album. But I'm not sure if that means the actual background music in the film is his or not. Also, the title song was contributed by David Bowie. Here's the music video: