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Cox Cable smart remote


Well-Known Member
So I have not spent the time setting up my Harmony remote (because I'm lazy), since I moved into my new place a year ago. To watch TV I have been;

1. Pushing the on/off button on the front of my TV
2. Using the on/off button on my Marantz AV8802 remote
3. Using the on/off button on my Cox Cable remote

The other day I noticed a button on my Cox Cable remote that says "power all"
I thought.. no... im not going take the time and set that up. But I pushed it anyways and sure as shit, my TV, Marantz, and cable all turned off. Then all turn on again.

How did they do that???

My XBox and Blu-ray didn't turn on/off. And I like that!
Pretty smart little remote. I even talk to it and it finds me what I want.