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"D-6...Hey, you sank my battleship!"


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Oh, man... I thought maybe this movie wouldn't be as bad as the title suggests... but that extreme battleship they encounter is so unrealistically "Transformersesque" that I have zero desire to see it. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm willing to indulge in a little storytelling, like say the movie Hunt For Red October, but this thing---this so called Battleship---is pure science fiction.


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Razz said:
wait a min.. i think it looks good...

Pure perception imo and if there were no references to the board game connection, I would agree with you. It looks like it maybe good, but I think it's going to be like Starship Troopers. Man, was I pissed after I saw that one.

And with all the 'board game to movie' ideas being thrown around...What? No love for Monopoly? :laughing-rolling: I could see Wilford Brimley cast as Rich Uncle Pennybags. :laughing:


* trivia note, back in 2008 Ridley Scott was announced to direct a movie version.......... :shock:


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Yesfan70 said:
...but I think it's going to be like Starship Troopers. Man, was I pissed after I saw that one.
Really? It was so cheesy I loved it, and could not stop laughing (I think my date was a bit pissed).
(but I liked Polyester too... :eusa-whistle: )