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Did AV123 go out of business?


Prodigal Son
I know the owner, Mark S., was busted and accused of running several charity scams, but I never heard the outcome. His supporters, the fanbois over at the AV123 forums, defended him vehemently. Now that site is completely offline.

Did AV123 shutter?
This is Google's cache of http://www.av123.com/. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Sep 19, 2010.

August 16, 2010

Dear Friends:

It is with profound sadness that we are announcing the closing of AV123/Perpetual Technologies effective today.

We join in sending all of you our sincerest thanks and deepest appreciation for your support through these last 11+ years. Our history is rich with wonderful products and happy moments, all in the name of making great music affordable for all of you.

Sadly, recent events have cast a very unfavorable light on AV123 and have effectively sealed our collective fate. We hope that over time, we will be able to offer more information.

No amount of thanks on our part would ever be adequate enough in exchange for your past support.

For those of you interested in purchasing an MFW-15 amplifier please contact simplysound@msn.com for more information.

In the meantime while we orderly wind down our business – allow us to once again thank you for your patronage and support through all of the times… both good and bad.

Respectfully yours,

The Team at AV123
Any news on what happened with Mark Schifter?

I found tons of news from February about his indictment, but not anything newer.
You'd have to troll a few other forums to get any more accurate and up-to-date info (though it wouldn't take more than 30 seconds to find it, I'm sure). But I believe he plead guilty and, the last I knew, was awaiting sentencing.

In the meantime, the CO AG is soliciting anyone who has ever come in contact with anything of his and offering them a chance to submit a claim and attest to how his actions caused harm. I suspect once this is done, some of these people will testify at his sentencing in the hopes of increasing his punishment.
Last I heard was that Mark Schifter has plead guilty to two felony charges. He will be sentenced in October.
Wow! He almost talked me into getting in business with him.

I guess I dodged a bullet there.
Well... As much as I'd like to see you in the speaker business, I'm glad this particular deal didn't work out.
I followed very closely what happened in the AVS thread about Mark Schifty and am still in disbelief how greedy one man could possibly be and stealing money from charities is just the lowest. What I even found more amazing was when Mark started up side businesses trying to circumvent the bad press he was getting and the foolishness of some of the members over at the AV123 site who even after proof was given they still gave this huckster money in anticipation of speakers that werent even past the design phase.

What i found amazing was the mass censorship of AV123 from long time members who even dared to question what was going on, then the final blwo when they took down the entire site in the last two months and deleted all posts. That really pissed alot of their forum members who had years of posts and a wealth of info on that site. I was a member there until they ganged up on Flint regarding his reviews of the Strata Minis and other speakers he had a chance to review. I felt Flints reviews were very subjective and although my views differed on his Strata review, I still respected Flints review and could judge my own opinion on my own ears and not what Flint had written, but over at AV123 you think Flint was Salmon Rushdie and had bad mouthed the Koran, the way they acted, which was abhorrant. To me reviews are one mans opinion and as such you can either agree or disagree, but don't take it personal and give threats. It was after that, that i just chose not to bother participating in their site and sat back and watched them slowly implode from the inside.
I got banned from the getgo. I think I may have had 3 or 4 posts and I got banned for no reason what so ever. Still sleeping good at night though. :happy-smileygiantred:

I remember getting the chance to hear the Rocket bookshelfs and a budget sub over at Tee's place. Didn't care too much for the bookshelfs, but I thought that sub was alright for about $300 and would make for a nice 2.1 system in my office.

Now I'm glad I didn't buy any of their products after seeing what happened.