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DirecTV Now Has AMC-HD


Well-Known Member
The only time I usually watch AMC is for their original programs (way too many commercials) and was always pissed DTV didn't offer the HD version though it has been around a while.

This morning I saw they finally offer it so Breaking Bad, The Killing and others will be much nicer to watch.
Cool beans, about time Mzpro. We definitely agree on the original programs and too many comercials for their movies. Thanks for the heads up.
I like AMC, but when it comes to the classics, I think they suck compared to TCM. As mentioned, too many commercials and it seems they are showing more and more newer movies than the classics.

If I didn't know any better, I would think they were owned by MTV Networks.
I know AMC has a boatload of commercial, for their movies, however I can DVR them and skip past them. But does anyone know how do they rate so far as editing, hate to watch something that has key scenes cut out, due to violence or time limits? This question could also apply to USA, TNT, etc... Cheapo Troy wants to know.
Finally I get "The Walking Dead" in HD. and it comes back in October. One of the great shows on TV.