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Directv vs Netflix steaming, Pic and sound quality?


Well-Known Member
Has anybody compared Directv's streaming features vs Netflix's, in regards to picture and sound quality? I notice that Directv can do Dolby Digital 5.1, also how about download speeds are they about they same?
Are you talking DirecTV Video on Demand? I have DTV but have never utilized the VOD service because it has to be hard wired via an ethernet cable which is difficult in my current setup.

I get 5.1 DD on Netflix via my Roku XDS. It usually takes 20-40 seconds to do a Netflix download.
In theory, Directv should have the better picture, as you are downloading rather than streaming, and they could use higher bitrates. I have watched a couple of shows on Directv VOD, one was really good, and the other looked like an overcompressed mess. I do believe though, that Netflix is more committed to streaming, as most people probably don't have their Directv receiver hooked up to the internet.
DTV's VOD basically downloads content to your DVR from the internet.

So it's not streaming, therefore can be whatever quality they want to provide.

Ok, I did not realize Directv was downloading and Netflix was streaming. I have had the equipment for this for awhile. just need to get started and hook this up via Directv and see what how I like it, compared to the satalite download.
Basically connect a network cable to your DirecTv DVR and look at channel 1001 (I think). they have it laid out pretty well and we use it all the time. You just have to plan ahead a little. Usually after 4 or 5 minutes you can start watching a show that is still downloading. You can just go in and pick 5 or 6 things, then watch them later, that's what we usually do.