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Dog & Elephant story

Dude, great story! A little hard for me to take right now, as my 17 year old Dog/companion "Cody" is at the end of her life and the Vet. said, just make her comfortable for whatever time she has left. So, we're enjoy our time together.

It does make it a little hard to leave for work in the morning, as I don't know if I'm coming home to my Best Friend, or what is left of her! So far, she's been just as happy to see me, as I am her. She no longer is able to meet me at the gate, but when I unlock the front door, come in and she's sound asleep (which can be easily confused for dead
) on the couch, I wake her up and she whimpers with excitement and licks my face. I can see the joy in her eyes, as I know she can see it in mine.

Dog's are great companions and I see it isn't limited to Humans! :handgestures-thumbup:

Sad, but a great story! Thanks for posting it. :handgestures-thumbup:

And thanks for your post, Dennie. Brought back a few memories for me too...
Damn you Botch, I'm crying like a baby.

But thanks for posting that - Yogi just got a big hug.