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Double dipping


War Never Changes
Whats your rule on it?

Recently ive come across a blu-ray buy out.

Been buying way too much of them. I recently bought
- Blazing saddles
- ID4 etc...

But heres the question. I've also bought Josey wales, too, but have it already on dvd. I also have once upon a time in the West too. But see its discounted heavily for 10 clams on amazon.

So, whats your discretion on double dipping? id love to see it in HD, but im not sure if its worth the trip. I KNOW i will watch Once upon a time in the west, but what will i do with my dvd versions?


Saw Pale Riders for 8 bucks.

I used to double dip all the time. Not so much anymore though. Now it'd have to be an all-time favorite. Money is just to precious right now to blow it on copies of movies I already own.
I only double dip if the price is very cheap, then what I do is sell my DVD to a co-worker to make up the difference. I have paid about 4-6.00/ea for all my Blurays out of pocket for the past 200 or so Blurays.
Here's a point: when you double-dip, you're already familiar with the acting, direction, boobies, storyline, etc, etc of that particular movie, so you're probably not going to buy a second copy of something that's b-grade.
There's maybe 3 movies I've double-dipped; music, a LOT more but I haven't regretted a purchase yet.
In fact, I have an 8-track copy, cassette copy, original album, CD, virgin vinyl album, and will buy, if it ever comes out, any 5.1 mix of Steely Dan's Aja. Don't regret a single purchase.
The old copies go to family and friends, I enjoy making them happy too.
Depends on the movie for me. I used to with Star Wars during my laserdisc days (I have the THX remasters and Special Editions of the original three), before Luca$ got greedy and stupid.

Music is about the same. It depends on the band. I'm tempted to rebuy my Yes and Rush CDs and already have with a few of my Radiohead discs (just to get the bonus tracks). I have the '94 Atlantic remasters of Yes. The Rhino remasters done a few years ago are supposed to be better and also contain bonus tracks.
Yesfan whenever I want to watch Star Wars I still use the Laserdisc versions, in my opinion the only version that was true to the theater version.
My double dipping, depends on several various factors. How much I liked the movie overall, real improvements in sound or picture quality vs the DVD version. Is this the kind of movie you can watch several times over and still love it, some mind blowing audio or visual scene that makes for a great demo disc for guests.

T2 was my first Bluray double dip, followed by House of Flying Daggers. Probable future purchases include, Jaws, Alien and Aliens, Predator, Chinatown, The Searchers, Hero, LOTR, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Godfather. Buying used discs can also make more likely to buy.
Only double dip if they are.....

1. CHEAP. Like $7 or less cheap.

2. My origianals suck ass, like my ARMAGEDDON and FACE OFF ...... non anamorphic shitfests of pic quality.

3. They are just too awsome to walk away from ...... Firefly, Star Trek films ETC.
I don't think I could bring myself to double-dip much, if ever. VHS to Blu-Ray, yes. But it would be a rarity for me to get a BD if I already had the DVD. But there's always the possibility, I suppose. It'd have to be a really special movie.

For music, I once double-dipped on a Sam Cooke album since it had been remastered. I thought it'd get better since the original of the Harlem Square performance was pretty bad, but turns out there's just only so much you can do with a recording. I didn't like the reissue as much as my original CD. So no more double-dipping with music for me. That is, unless maybe something comes out in 5.1 of course.
For me it's hard to justify a double dip, I know it generally the PC is generally better and the audio maybe too. For the most part I have been buying few blu-rays here and there. Hence why I only have 5 now maybe? Lately have not had the time to even watch them. I did just get the CARS 2 on Blu-Ray. Figure I have not see it so may as well watch it in style! :mrgreen:
We will double dip on movies from Pixar and the like, as well as classics like Star Wars, but the price needs to be really right for most other stuff.
I don't mind for my all time favs, I figure BD is all I'll ever need. 4k is a joke if you don't have a screen over 200". So to have most of my collection in BD/1080p is worth it to me...
Batman said:
I figure BD is all I'll ever need.

Wasn't that what was said about and 480p DVDs... and 720p ?

I dont know if it's 3D, or 4K, or something else... but some incompatible format will push home video display technology forward and we'll find a reason to need another copy.
Maybe, but it's not necessarily what I have felt personally. I'm right there with you as far as something else hitting the market that companies will push though. But I don't see myself buying star wars yet again because it comes out in 4k 5 years from now. For me, I'm happy to stand pat with BD as long as my screen size and this current setup remain the same...
I'm a big time double dipper when it comes to movies. I don't usually double dip comedies and straight dramas but any sci-fi or action flick I really like I will most likely DD. Just off the top of my head

Spider Man Trilogy
Kiil Bill both
Master and Commander
Star Wars
Saving Private Ryan
Blade Runner
Doctor Zhivago
Matrix movies (all)
Die Hard movies all

and that is just the tip of the expensive iceberg.
I've never been a collector. When I was younger I'd buy a comic and trade it for credit toward the new one after I'd read it. I did the same with music, and books, and DVDs. Only over the past 5 years or so I have held onto media. I actually look at my BD collection and wonder why I own so many titles.

Maybe I'll make a deal with myself and only buy a new BD if I get rid of another... :think:
I've managed to convert almost 3/4 of my DVD's to Bluray at hardly any cost to myself. I wait awhile and when the price drops on Bluray titles (less than 8.00) then I'll sell the DVD version to a coworker and pick up the Bluray for 3.00. Recently Best Buy had a trade in program where they gave you 5.00 off any DVD and you could choose a bunch of Blurays (like around 100 or so titles and they had those on sale from 4.99 - 9.99 so i picked up like 15 titles and was out like 100.00 for the whole lot. I still have the Godfather boxset and the Starwars 4-6 boxset that I already have the Blurays for, but figure I'll just give those to family members to whomever wants them this holiday season. It's normally harder to sell a boxset of three movies (even if it's only 15.00 for all three) so somebody in my family will enjoy them.