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With all of the older titles of movies now getting transfered to Blu-ray are they worth the price? Are they any good or just the same old movie with the color levels turned up? I have been leary to buy any of them for that reason.
Some transfers are a significant upgrade and others not so much. Personally I don't bother unless the video quality is a major part of the story, like The Matrix. Sites like blu-ray.com o a good job or rating the picture quality.
Aren't Bluray transfers done from the original film, rather than a digital/DVD copy? Film that was projected on a hujazz screen?

And I'm thinking specifically of The Wizard of Oz; that was shot in the 30's and the Bluray is supposed to be stupendous!
Some BD transfers are from digitized versions of the original film but that conversion is not as simple as it sounds. That... and not all films have been properly maintained. The process can still be extremely labor intensive and requires a lot of technical ability and talent. Some films get the royal treatment, not all.
I have almost 700 DVD's and the pic and sound quality on them is good enough. As a matter of fact I still buy a lot of DVDs, I will buy them from the 5 for $20 bin at Blockbuster and only buy the BLU version of certain movies. Seriously, to me, not EVERY movie out is worth the premium price of BLU. LOL!
For me, it just depends on the individual film and the individual transfer quality situation.
Haywood said:
For me, it just depends on the individual film and the individual transfer quality situation.

Same here. Something like the Star Trek films? Yeah, I would replace my DVDs with the Bluray version. Something like Hope Floats? Nah, the DVD's still good enough for coaster use.
All one has to do is pick up a copy 2001 A Space Odyssey or The Sound of Music to see how great the transfer of both audio and video it can be. 2001 was so good and clean it looked like it was filmed yesterday.