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Edge-lit LED TV with Local Dimming??


MetaBotch Doggy Dogg Mellencamp
Got the Oct '10 issue of Sound and Vision last week (I still like the mag, I understand they had a website at one time...), and they reviewed the LG 47LX6500 3D television. It has "edge-lit LED backlight with local dimming". It was my understanding that you can't do local dimming with an edge-lit set; I quickly read the review to understand this technology and all they said was:
It has an edge-lit LED backlight with local dimming (12 addressable segments) to boost picture contrast.
:shhh: :think: :?:
They did say at the end of the article they found the black backgrounds non-uniform, but not any more info on how this is done.
If anyone can enlighten me that'd be great.
Illumination LEDs can be controlled around the periphery independently, and in addition, some LEDs for backlight use have 3 LED segments in one package, and these individual LEDs can be individually controlled and dimmed. Still, this would not give very satisfactory control of areas very far from the edges of the screen.
LED edge lit LCD TV is like tits on a boar pig, useless. LCD displays that are LED back lit with local dimming are competitive with plasma, as it relates to black level or gray gradation. The afore mentioned is a great maketing technique until the purchaser finds out what he/she really purchased.