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I don't but have been hearing about many cases of returns due to failure. It seems that they don't have a good track record.
DIYer said:
I don't but have been hearing about many cases of returns due to failure. It seems that they don't have a good track record.

I've heard the same thing. It is kind of funny, people seem to brag about their customer service "after" the sale. Like when it breaks, they fix it!

WHAT! It broke? :confusion-scratchheadyellow:

I have heard of a lot of people who love the gear, but I have also heard a lot of people who have to send the gear back to be repaired.

Also, the Jacks on the back of the amps and preamps tend to break. But they will fix it! :confusion-shrug:

I figured there was a catch with the price and pretty designs. I'd rather pay a little more and unbox it only once.
I was moderately interested in their gear when I was considering going to a separate pre/pro setup a year or two ago.

Gear looks pretty good and gets mixed reviews, but after doing a bit of research on the web I decided to avoid their products.

There was a member on S&V that bought a pre/pro setup, then asked what folks there thought of the Emotiva gear. He got the same info you're getting, posted a snotty reply and never came back.

I got super interested in Emotiva when they announced the UMC-1 a couple of years ago. That thing was a disater. Delay after delay, problem after problem. I didn't buy it but realized that one bad product doesn't make a company bad as a whole. But... I completely wrote them off the day one of their fired employees sent an email blast to my home and work accounts about his being fired and the problems within Emotiva. That was bad enough but Emotiva's response was to send another blast pointing fingers back at the other guy instead of just saying they were sorry and wouldn't let it happen again. I've got no time for such antics.
I was interested a couple years ago when looking at a 2 channel amp. After researching and learning a little, I was put off by their own THD graphs of their amps......pretty bad for the first few milliwatts to 1 watt....where most of my listening happens. Also found their appearance pretty ugly with all the lights and crap.

But then, I'm one of a few that find Parasound Halo amps to be ugly as well (don't like the "look at me" amps)
I have had their USP-1 pre-amp and UPA-2 power amp for approx. seven months now with no issues. I purchased them during their last holiday sale. I use them to drive a pair of Legacy Classics and am quite happy with them. Total cost was $700 with free shipping.