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I got interested in Emotiva when they announced the UMC-1. That product has turned out to be a pretty big disappointment so I'd not recommend a pre-amp from them. Their amps have a far better on-line reputation. Emotiva also has good reputation for customer service and a very liberal return policy so an amp may be well worth checking-out.
As for pre-amps I am interested in stereo only. I can't find much info on there 2 ch pre-amps. Do you think that it's a safe bet that there analog pre-amps are as good as their amps?
IMO its worth a shot. The USP-1 sells for $399 with free shipping. Emotiva has a 30 day, no questions asked return policy. The worst thing that can happen is that you hate it. You'd only be out the cost of return shipping to Tennessee if that happens.