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Explain This Motion Blur To Me


Retired Admin
A friend of mine recently bought a new 55" LG LED LCD TV. I believe it's the LE5400 series (maybe LE5500). We were playing Wii Bowling last weekend and I noticed that the brown arrows on the alley would turn light brown when I'd move my Mii from side to side. As soon as I stopped, they'd instantly return to the dark brown color. I simply made the comment "Thanks for reminding me to buy a plasma instead of an LCD". The next day, I'm playing Wii Bowling on my 6-year old 32" Sony LCD 720p TV. No matter what, I couldn't get the arrows to turn lighter.

How is that even possible?
There's a lot of image manipulation that goes on in the background of these newer sets. Hard to say which one of them was the culprit to blame for the exact effect you saw, but that is why these sets have a "game mode".

Try the game again with the game mode on, it should remove ALL of the image processing.

I know on my Samsung it makes a HUGE difference when playing my xbox.

I never thought to ask whether he had any processing turned on. I had just assumed it was the fact that it was a 1080p set and mine was 720.
Could also be the output from the Wii wasn't set to the native resolution of the TV, so the TV may have been scaling and the scaler sucked compared to yours.
I don't think you can set the resolution ont he Wii. You get 480p and that's it.
The Wii only has 480p or 480i which should be manually set based on whether you're using the component cables or not... :roll:
We're making headway now. I just called him to ask about Game Mode. While on the phone with him, it occured to me that he might be using the cable that came with the Wii (composite) and sure enough, he is.

So whether Game Mode will make any improvement or not, the bigger difference is that I'm using the component cable and he is not.