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F it, going 2 channel for now


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I decided I am going 2 channel for now until wifey and I buy a home with a basement.
My system is in our bedroom and wasn't getting much use right now so I decided to make it simpler.

Sold my Dynaudio Audience 72SE that I was using as rears and I am going to sell my HK AVR7300 receiver and the Velodyne Impact 12 subwoofer on ebay soon.

Today I received my used Parasound gear I bought off ebay. The little Zpre2 stereo preamp and a HCA-1000A amp :happy-smileygiantred:

System now is made of
Dynaudio Contour S1.4 (thanks -B- :D)
Parasound Zpre2 preamp
Parasound HCA-1000A amp
Sony 200 disc CD player
Xbox 360
Verizon Motorola HD cable box

I'll snap a couple of pictures later tonight
Pretty snazzy for a gaming system. ;) Seriously, sounds like a good "redistribution of wealth."
Trust me a well placed and good two channel system can seriously beat out a 5.1 system. hence why my guest room system is purely two channel. Heck I'm listening to it while posting this, the fact that you have Dyns means you are missing nothing and enjoying great sound. Although I'd keep that sub just so your mains aren't pushing so hard to reproduce the lower frequencies. Let those Dyns coast and let the sub do the heavy lifting.
Razz said:
2 channel has become..."Under-Rated".

If you ask me, it's been underrated. I remember a time when I based my setup from a 5.1 music pov, instead of a movies pov thinking SACD and DVD-A would take off. I've bought one SACD in the past year compared to about 60 CDs in that same time frame.

Heck, I've even bought more laserdiscs in the past two weeks than I have SACDs in that same time frame! :shock:
I'll be 2.1 and 3.0 for the foreseeable future. I may add a center to the 2.1 system for dialogue if I can't dial it in right. My bedroom system will get a center as I find mysel futzing with the volume too much. I'm not going to treat the room so it's problems are there...trying to be neighborly so no sub in there either.




World's smallest preamp? :happy-smileygiantred:
How does the HCA-1000A sound with those Dynaudios?

Or should the question be ..........

How do the Dynaudios sound with the HCA-1000A?
I always wanted a Parasound Halo P3 preamp and just snapped one up on audiogon for a good price.
I Can't wait till it gets here :happy-smileygiantred:
heeman said:
How do the Dynaudios sound with the HCA-1000A?
I was used to the warmer sound of my HK receiver and initially I felt the Parasound combo was a little bright but I am getting used to it now.
The preamp and amp combo is definitely an improvement over the receiver.