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Fire Stick 4k -- First Impression


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Until recently, I've been streaming Netflix through my Dish receiver and Amazon Prime through my TV's smart TV app.
Neither option has been perfect -- I'll get the occasional freeze, dropped resolution rate, etc. Definitely a first world problem, but annoying nevertheless.

On a sort of whim, I bought the Fire TV Stick 4K. What a huge upgrade. Picture looks better (maybe a placebo effect, but i swear it does), doesn't drop in resolution and (knock on wood), no freezing so far, fast forwarding and rewinding is SOOOOO much better with this unit than what I've used in the past. All of this with a fairly slow broadband connection. The interface is maybe in the "just ok" realm, but it's not terrible. The remote that comes with the Stick works with both my TV and receiver -- the volume changes the receiver's volume and when you press the power button, all three devices (i.e., Fire Stick, TV and Receiver) all turn on/off. Set up was also super easy.

I'm now one more step closer to cutting the cord. To that end, I'm now looking at the Fire TV Recast to act as my DVR. Once I'm REALLY there, i'll check the specs/ratings and see if that makes sense or not, but on first blush, looks like a good option for me.


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How does the fire stick differ ffrom on a Roku device?

Are you saying that 4K streaming on Netflix looks better through the firestorm then the tvs app?


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I don't have a 4k tv, i just bought it because it was on sale and figured there may come a time when I'd be getting one.

As for how it compares to a Roku? I think the main difference is going to be the interface. I think in general, most folks like the Roku interface better, plus it has more channels it will stream. However, since I'm "in the Amazon ecoverse", this one made more sense to get to me.

What I can say is that I do think the Fire Stick does a better job at streaming Netflix than either my smart tv or my Dish satellite TV box. Better resolution, less resolution dropping, less buffering, better control for fast forward/reverse. I also like the remote that comes with this unit.


"Do you know who I am?"
While it took some getting used to, I really love the Fire TV interface. Unlike the Roku where all the content is under an app - Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, ESPN, HBO GO, etc. - on the Fire TV the content is presented outside of the apps and I can go straight to the next episode of a show I've been watching without having to scroll to the right app where the show is located. The Fire TV also presents me with recommended content from all my services, so I don't have to choose a specific platform before I go fishing for new shows to watch.

The downside to this sort of interface is I am presented with quite a bit of content from services I am not paying for. So I sometimes get recommendations that look great for shows I have to pay a new subscription to get. Not a fan of that.


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Not me. I didn't think there was a reason to unless you could modify the GUI in some way. Which, i'm ok with and will get used to at some point i'm sure.