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Flight of the ConChords


MetaBotch Doggy Dogg Mellencamp
I've never heard of these guys, but they have a bunch of EweTube vids up, and this one cracked me up: The Humans Are Dead:


:happy-smileygiantred: :happy-smileygiantred: :happy-smileygiantred:
Get the DVD set for season 1 of their HBO show. Season 2 was not as good but I think they are bundled now. The album is great, and recorded well.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention I saw them live and during a quiet spot yelled Freebird......they started playing it and had some banter about it....it's a life highlight!
That was great!!!!

I'll be looking for them for sure... FO SHO!

thanks for the post Botch!
I have their first CD. Funny as hell and a great sounding recording. The opening track, "Foux du Faha", has this wood block sequence recording at the far left of the sound stage. Really screws with the dog as she looks in that direction every time she hears it. LOL!
One of my favorites..........


"he's gonna wake up in a smoothie!"

BTW, welcome putty34! Tell us about yourself and how you came here. :)

PaulyT said:
BTW, welcome putty34! Tell us about yourself and how you came here. :)

Thanks Pauly! I've been a long time reader at the old place and just decided to join up over here. Love the vast amount of knowledge of everyone here.
Glad you decided to follow us over here. It's a great hangout, sit back and relax!