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Flint’s Spectacular Revealing Loudspeaker Auditioning Music Playlist


"Do you know who I am?"
I was looking for this to send to a friend and couldn't find it. So, I am creating a new thread with the list to reference in the future. feel free to add your favorite loudspeaker auditioning tracks in your replies. I haven't updated this list in a long time, so I am missing out on a ton of modern recordings that might be worthy of inclusion.

Flint’s Spectacular Revealing Loudspeaker Auditioning Music Playlist
(circa 2019)
“Track” / Artist / Album Title
Why & how I use this track

Track Listing:
“School” / Supertramp / Crime of the Century
Remastered CD 2005
Full & well-balanced musical spectrum, very dense arrangements, two singers with different tones, somewhat dynamic

“Rikki Don't Lose that Number” / Steely Dan / Pretzel Logic
Remastered CD 1995
Well-balanced, very live & in your face instrument sound, natural instrument dynamics, hidden percussion in the background, very basic to very complex arrangement

“Track #2” / Sheffield Track Record
Original CD
Very dynamic, lots of treble done well

“Oh What a World” / Rufus Wainwright / Want One
Original CD
Extremely big arrangement, extremely dense, full-power orchestral SPL levels

“XYZ” / Hiromi / Another Mind
Original CD
Sounds like real instruments in the room, fast, dense, complex, bass guitar can get buried in the left hand of the piano (try to isolate the bass guitar while listening)

“Penguins” / Lyle Lovett / I Love Everybody
Original CD
Most natural dynamics of any recording I have, sounds like real musicians in the room

“Before my Heart Attacks” + “Afraid Himself to be” / Jason Faulkner / Author Unknown
Original CD
Smooth, natural, two types of “realism,” well-intentioned contrasting first track to second on tonality and feeling

“Softly, as in a morning sunrise” + “Surrey with a fringe on top” / Tierney Sutton / I'm with the Band
Original CD
Live recording, natural dynamics, stunning musicianship, wide frequency range

“Don't Give Up” / Peter Gabriel / So
Original CD
Unbelievable bass sound requiring a very good properly tuned bass speakers to truly appreciate, very emotional, complex mix of Kate Bush's vocals, natural & dynamic piano sound

“We Do What We're Told” / Peter Gabriel / So
Original CD
Vocal harmonies appear to float around the room and fall from the ceiling when the stereo soundstage is perfect, demonstrates flaws in acoustics

“Sunset” / Kate Bush / Aerial Disc 2
Remastered CD 2018
Dense, detailed, complex, dynamic, full bodied, emotional, and mood altering - shows weakness in resolution and detail, bass is revealing and impressive.

“At the End of the Day” / Spock's Beard / V
Original CD
Complex, huge, detailed with lots of fine hidden sounds - lots of styles and instruments played throughout the track providing a broad range of sound and playing

“Surf's Up” + “Good Vibrations” / Brian Wilson / Smile
Original CD
Dense, complex, emotional, and haunting

“The Last Angel” / Pallas / The Dreams of Men
Original CD
Big mix, drums are in your face, opera singer blends with music and requires a high resolution speaker to make out details

“Trollywood” / Eisley / Room Noises
Original CD
In your face, punchy, very tight vocal harmonies - can get lost in music on a great system

“Des Idées” / Karpatt / Dans D’Beaux Draps
Original CD
Dynamic, in your face acoustic strings instruments and very dense upper bass from heavy male vocals - requires very accurate upper bass from speakers to really make out the singing

“Let Them Talk” / Elvis Costello / Punch the Clock
Original CD (NOT the remastered version)
Dense, detailed, dynamic, and complex mix


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Some that I use frequently when cranking my system:

“The Hurting Time” /Annie Lennox /Bare
Original CD
All sorts of imaging and sound stage greatness. Subwoofers are also prominent in this track.

“You Can Count On Me” / Spyro Gyra /The Very Best of Spyro Gyra
Original CD
Dynamics, Punch and Clarity...........

“Tiger” / Paula Cole /This Fire
Original CD
Clarity, sound-stage and subwoofer surprise punch!

“I'm Like A Bird” / Nelly Furtado /Whoa, Nelly!
Original CD
Great track for dynamics and imaging!

“I Can Let Go Now” / Nathen East /Nathen East
Original CD; This Michael McDonald cover by Sara Bareilles is breathtaking
Vocal pureness with the piano in the room.

MORE TO COME.................