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Frig!! what a great horror movie

Discussion in 'Movies' started by MatthewB, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. MatthewB

    MatthewB Grandmaster Pimp Daddy Famous

    "The Collector" wow I have seen alot of horror movies in my days, and I normally just laugh my way through them. Most are way too predicatble, or just plain stupid. I can say that the last original horror movie I saw was "The Prince of Darkness" by John Carpenter in the 80's because that was just such a unique story and then of course "The Exorcist" for sheer terror (even at any age). But last night while watching "The Collector" I was reminded this is how horror movies should be made. This movie had drama, suspense and gore in spades, a great story, plenty of gore and plenty of scenes where even a big ass guy like me had to close me eyes. My GF actually was screaming at me through this movie that if this movie got any scarier or had any more gore, she was gonna get up and leave because she was already gonna have nightmares.

    Story goes this guy named Arkin works days as a handyman and he is working on a house recently bought by a diamond jeweler. Nothing too bad there, he makes friends with the families 10 year old daughter, who reminds him of his own 10 year daughter who he dearly loves but can't spend enough time with. So Arkins wife apparntly owes alot of money to a bookie and her life and the life of his daughter are in danger and he has until midnight to come up with alot of money. So he gets this idea to rob the house of the jeweler whom he knows just went out of town on vacation. He breaks in only to discover that he is not alone in the house. A very sadistic serial killer has also broken in and has taken the family hostage with the exception of the 10 year old who has kept hidden and also is avoiding the killer who has rigged the whole house with some of the most cruel torture devices to prevent any chance of escape. So the movie becomes a great game of cat and mouse, of Arkin trying to save the family, find the 10 year old girl all while avoiding the killer who has no idea he is in the house. Meanwhile poor Arkin has to endure some brutal "traps" trying to find anyway to escape.

    This movie had great drama as I was on the edge of my seat pretty much all through it. I will say that this movie has some of the most gore you could ever watch in a movie including a cat who is slowly being dissolved in acid and finally cut in half and just scenes that will make any person wince in pain. Just a great story, a very very creepy serial killer and a great acting job by Josh Stewart who plays Arkin.

    Now if your going to rent this one, I would just go with the regular DVD over the Bluray as the the Bluray had a picture that was no better than DVD quality, alot of grain and very soft picture, in fact at times I thought if I had accidently grabbed the regular DVD version instead of the Bluray. I will say that the Bluray did have excellant use of sound and alot of lightning throughout that will make your sub shake. (My only saving grace for renting the Bluray) But definatly worthy of a rental and just make sure nobody under the age of 16 watches this one. I think it would be a tad too much on anyone younger than that.

    The same writers of the last three "Saw" movies wrote this, so you can easily see where the reigns were finally let go on the type of torture devices that they were allowed to use and boy did they use them. For horror fans you finally have a great movie that will keep you thinking for ahwile.

    Here is a link to the movie trailer. The Collector
  2. Doghart

    Doghart Well-Known Member

    I've always enjoyed your horror movie reviews, I think we definitely share the same tastes in that genre.

    I am renting this one based on your review!

  3. MatthewB

    MatthewB Grandmaster Pimp Daddy Famous

    Doghart I think you'll really enjoy this one. BTW I'm overdue on my latest 8 movies to die for reviews 2010
  4. Yesfan70

    Yesfan70 I'm famous now bitches! vvvvv Famous

    I got excited until I read that part. I like to be spooked, but have never cared much for "slasher" films like the Saw movies. I think that's why I liked the Sixth Sense, Signs, and (to some extent) Paranormal Activities.

    Not knocking you guys or anything, just saying my tastes in horror are different than most people. Horror films are as subjective as music.
  5. Doghart

    Doghart Well-Known Member

    I think this movie comes from the guys that did SAW.

  6. MatthewB

    MatthewB Grandmaster Pimp Daddy Famous

    It did in fact this movie comes from the same guys who did the last three saw movies. But since I Loooooove the saw movies (I am admirant of how they come up with all those nifty torture devices) this one was right up my alley.

    Yesfan, like you I really appreciate a movie that doesnt have to relay on gore and makes you think (hence my referall to "Prince of Darkness" but sometimes I wanna watch a slasher gore movie that was made strictly for that "make you jump" factor. Which is why this movie surprised me so much. Because "make you jump" movies are very predictable and are there to showcase young stupid normally naked teens doing stupid shit and then getting cut in half. This movie on the other hand while having slasher gore, actually had a great story and you could actually feel very sorry for a man whose main intent of entering the house was to rob it. I actually preferred the cat and mouse aspect of this movie and the fact that the main guy could give up on what was best for himself to try and save a family.
  7. The DirtMerchant

    The DirtMerchant Well-Known Member

    I LOVED "Prince of Darkness". Scary and a GREAT idea. I'll take a look at "The Collector" based on your review.
  8. MatthewB

    MatthewB Grandmaster Pimp Daddy Famous

    Thanks DM, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Let me know what you think after watching it.

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